Greek statues

The Bronze Statues, also with a small penis

Have you ever wondered why the Greek statues representing heroes, warriors, philosophy, eminent sports and still great characters, have the visibly small penis?

An answer to this question (that probably all we set) It was given by the scholar Andrew Lear, according to which the motivation lies in the fact that represent the masculine attributes in this way was sign of moderation and thus of true manhood, for it was to symbolize the ability to control his lower impulses for the benefit of weighted actions, rational and intelligent.

There are many who believe the correct thesis Lear: men admired and praised for an intellect out of the ordinary could only be depicted in this way.

A further proof of this is found in the way in which they were instead represented the satiri, mythological figures devoted to the most unrestrained lust, and other men considered not exactly good examples of virtue, all with, coincidentally, of giant penises (Photo gives: