A sumptuous Roman banquet. The “gustatio” It was the aperitif before dinner

The habit of’appetizer, still much widespread and appreciated, It originates from’Ancient Rome.

Exactly: also an aperitif belongs to the large group of “inventions” let us inherited from our ancestors of’city.

At that time it was called gustatio and it consisted of an anticipated dinner of savory snacks can stimulate the appetite and usually accompanied by some good sip of mead, an aromatic wine with a high alcohol content.

There is however to be noted that the gustatio concerned only the sumptuous banquets with a large number of participants, that so, between a bite and the other, also they found a way to socialize.

Needless to say, the lower layers of the population, where to take a meal at the table every day was anything but simple and obvious, this custom was completely unknown (Photo gives: salottobonora.com).