Lady Diana

An intense first floor of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales

At exactly twenty years since the tragic car crash in Paris in which he lost his life, a shows in Turin, through photographs and artefacts, traces the key stages of the brief but intense life of Diana Spencer, better known as Lady Diana, first wife and cumbersome result ex heir to the throne Charles.

The fairytale wedding, the happy double motherhood, frequent sulks on official occasions, the many meetings with famous people, from those of the musical world of the protagonists jet-set international, to the harrowing images of the twisted wreckage of the crash car, this will be visible in the beautiful Sale of Pages of the Reggia di Venaria until the next 28 January 2018.

A path in which is certainly evident metamorphosis from pretty but awkward wrapped in unlikely as questionable outfit british-style a style icon and glamour always on the covers of magazines of half the planet, thanks to influential friends in the fashion, like the one with Gianni Versace.

In reality, personally, I'm not sure of the particular merits attributable to this aristocratic and wealthy woman who, At bottom, He has always sought to be talked about more to the clothes worn and rancorous revelations about the British crown for far more noble and urgent humanitarian causes, and yet the endless possibilities that the indisputable position of privilege guaranteed her, ma Lady Diana, perhaps for the skill with which he was able to use media to their advantage, It is considered a icon '900, century which perfectly embodies also some flaws and frailties.

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