Giulia Beccaria with the small Alessandro

Alessandro Manzoni He was born in Milan on 7 March 1785 the wedding of Giulia Beccaria, daughter of the famous Cesare, e Pietro, belonging to one of the noblest families of the city, but few sources a serious challenge to the above fatherhood: see why.

To heal the poor economic conditions of the family membership, The twenty year old Giulia, the 20 October 1782, She had agreed to marry the widower Peter, although in love with the youngest of Verri brothers, Giovanni; the union, probably due to irreconcilable differences due to deep differences of character, as well as to a clear lack of feelings at least part of women, turned out, as expected, Bankruptcy the human aspect, to the point that, At the beginning of 1792, it came to separation.

The marriage, pure facade, Julia had never accounted for an impediment to the continuation of the relationship with Giovanni Verri, almost certainly biological father of his son, evidence may clear the same Pietro, and yet who the child was given, also saw the lack of interest of the mother against him.


Pietro Manzoni, father “official” Alessandro

In an era of arranged marriages, was natural and generally accepted by both spouses that true love were searched and lived outside of it, just that the expense were then children, if illegitimate, They had to suffer heavy legal restrictions and endure the inevitable biases that ended up greatly influence social life.

For this reason he tried to avoid this condition all'incolpevole offspring and often pretended paternity exist to protect, a ploy generously adopted also by Pietro Manzoni, that to the best of our knowledge, It was for the small Alessandro a loving and affectionate parent, so far as to name him heir of all his possessions.

A nobility of spirit rewarded with immortality, because it is certain that the artistic talent was a legacy of the natural father's progeny, The Verri figuring among the most influential writers of their time, it is equally true that the greatest contemporary Italian writer is known by the name of Alessandro Manzoni and so it will be from here to eternity (Photo gives: