Giovanni Pascoli

The 6 April 1912 He died in Bologna, where for some time he succeeded to the chair of Italian Literature at his teacher Carducci, Giovanni Pascoli, one of the greatest Italian poets and one of the leaders of the European Decadent.

The emeritus professor had just turned 56 years: What led to his untimely death?

Officially Pascoli was the victim of a stomach cancer, as indeed the death certificate reports, but probably it was due to an explicit request by the doctor Maria, this Hits, beloved sister of, His heir and curator of posthumous works, decided to “clean up” the image of the famous brother of every shadow or appearance to his little eyes “presentable”.


A crowd large and heartfelt tribute to Giovanni Pascoli on the day of his funeral

These included the ever increasing alcohol addiction, from which he emerged a’hepatitis that, almost certainly, degenerò in liver cirrhosis causing the death of the poet.

The news of the death of Giovanni Pascoli, one of the most complex personalities of his era and elevated, provoked huge commotion in the country: for two days and two nights, uninterruptedly, men and women paid homage to the casket and a crowd of silent and did not fail to greet him at every station where the train on which the body had been lying to make the last journey, he stopped.

After the celebration of funeral in the Basilica of San Petronio in fact, to his will, Pascoli was returned to Castelvecchio di Barga (Lu), today Castelvecchio Pascoli in his honour, to be buried in the chapel located next to his beloved home (Photo gives: e