Face of Eliogabalo. Cassius Dio narrates the tragic murder

Let's just say that Eliogabalo He puts it all to be hated, but the end was really bloody, even sadder when you consider that involved a very young boy.

Eliogabalo is remembered for being one of the worst emperors of ancient Roman history; ascended the throne just fourteen, an endless series of abuses, violence and oddities he brazenly perpetrated against anyone who came within range, led him to be brutally murdered just 18 years.

During his short reign fact, He was responsible for the atrocities of all kinds, to the point that the Romans, while always accustomed to having to endure rulers to say the least unpresentable, just they could not forgive him and eliminated him cruelly and without second thoughts among the general euphoria, not showing the slightest pity or for very green age, or for mother Julia Soaemias, also erased along beloved son.

Julia Soaemias

Julia Soaemias, mother of Heliogabalus

the historian Cassius Dio He describes the death of both of these simple and tragic lines:

"He made an attempt to escape, and he would be able to reach some place hidden in a latrine, had it not been discovered and killed, at the age of 18 years.

Mother, who embraced him and hugged him strongly, He died with him; their heads were marked by the bust and their bodies, after being stripped, They were first dragged all over town, and then the mother's body was thrown in one place or another, while his was thrown in the river " (Photo gives: egodellarete.blogspot.it e historialudens.it).