Nero's death

Death of Nero

The last moments of life Nerone narrated from the pen of Svetonio describe grotesque aspects in full harmony with the character, but also of dignity tips, culminating in a suicide, although it, according to historian, It was due more to fear than courage.

This is the final part the story of the writer-biographer:

"Since each of his companions inviting him to escape without delay to the outrages that were waiting, He ordered to dig a long trench in front of him as her body, to dispose around it a few pieces of marble if you could find them and bring water and wood to make a short between the last honors to his corpse. Each of these preparations was crying and kept repeating: <Which artist will perish with me!>” "He asked then what was this kind of punishment, and told him that the condemned man was stripped, the one passed his head in a fork and fought with sticks until death. Then, fearful, He took two daggers that had brought, He then tried the tips and then put them back in their sheath complaining that the time marked by fate had not yet come ".

When he heard the clatter of the horses of the men who were approaching to capture, greek spoke in a famous verse ofIliade: “<the gallop of horses from quick feet hitting my ears>. Then she planted a knife in the throat with the help of Epaproditus, the man at the supplications.

And finally:

"He was still breathing when they broke a centurion and, how to rescue, the applied his coat on the wound. Nero said simply: <It's too late>, it's still: <This is fidelity>. Uttering these words he breathed his last, and his eyes, prominent and fixed, They took such an expression that inspired horror and fright to those who watched them ".

This was the end, sometimes even bitterly comic, Emperor who for years had terrorized Rome and the Romans with their own quirks (Photo gives: