Manuscript of the Infinite of Leopardi; Perhaps Franco Califano was inspired just to the great poet for the title of one of his most famous songs

Everything else is boring It is the title of one of the most famous songs Franco Califano, but it is possible that it was taken from an essay by Giacomo Leopardi?

“What it is finest in Recanati that man cares to see and learn? Anything! Here the only entertainment is the study…Everything else is boring!” Marche is what wrote the great poet in a letter addressed to his friend and confidant Pietro Giordani the 30 April 1817.

Just a coincidence?

Difficult to suppose and anyway it is nice to be able to note once again how the magnitude and the art are able to pass unscathed the barriers of time remaining always alive and current (Photo gives: stefaniaromito67.wordpress.com).