scented oils

The scented oils were used in Rome to nourish and smooth the skin of the body

The body care, understood as personal hygiene and physical fitness, It was one of the main features of the ancient Romans (

The Romans practiced sports, often they washed and loved perfume, discounted at all habits in antiquity.

From the second century B.C.. Furthermore, Rome began to spread the famous perfumes;, ie those scented oils who have formed a flagship cosmetics and perfumery of this great people.

But precisely what it was and what they were?

The perfumes; They were of the oil-based preparations which were massaged over the body to nourish, moisturize, smoothed and shower him with a pleasant and persistent fragrance; the olive oils, mandorla, pink and nuts were the most commonly used ingredients to get.

These oils held a dual function, at the same time curative and cosmetic (Photo gives: