Caligola. According to Suetonius, Once the emperor appeared in three of his former Women disguised consuls

The following story, a step of Svetonio, It gives an idea of ​​the bizarre personality of Emperor Caligola (12-41 d.C.).

The historian writes: “One night at the palace summoned three former consuls and when they came full of the most terrible apprehensions, let them go on the stage; suddenly, He jumped out dressed as a woman, with a cape and a long tunic, He performed a dance to the sound of flutes and castanets, and then disappeared”.

We can not even imagine the terror that certainly these three men assaulted, because it was not at all uncommon for Caligula, notoriously unstable and cruel, He did call someone at will to subject to torture and punishment without you even had the slightest reason.

The three former consuls, in tal caso, he went well (Photo gives: morgagniweb.wikidot.cif).