Leonardo da Vinci

The faces of Leonardo and Mona Lisa, one of his most famous works. The artist and scientist had, apparently, the taste of the joke and the joke salace

Can you imagine that unsurpassed wizards Leonardo da Vinci to tell jokes, moreover quite well sconce?

Well, it seems that the great Renaissance artist and scientist had a taste for salacious joke and loved to make others laugh with funny stories bold like the one that carryover below (I found it here: http://www.focus.it/cultura/arte/cose-che-forse-non-sai-su-leonardo-da-vinci, where you can read many more interesting facts about this extraordinary character).

The joke is this: "One had very red feet and, passing below, one priest asked with admiration whence such redness dirivassi; to which the female immediately replied that this effect was because she was under fire. Then the priest had a hand in that Member, which she made him be more priest nun, e, that came and, with sweet and sommessiva voice prayed that 'No courtesy I had them a little ignite that spark ".

There's no denying, a very irreverent Leonardo and collegiate like maybe there was hard to imagine (Photo gives: mental-engineering.com).