Piero de 'Medici

Piero’ doctors said “the Gouty”

Piero of’ Medici (1416-1469), father Giuliano (1453-1478) and the famous Lorenzo the magnificent (1449-1492), It has gone down in history with the unsympathetic name de “the Gouty” because of the disease that afflicted him for much of his life, the gotta precisely.

gout, as well as it inherited as part of the most important family of Florence, It was at the time a very common disease mainly because of the daily diet based on high consumption of red meat and game, bad habit that often entailed serious consequences for the organism.

Piero ruled for only five years, from 1464 al 1469, but his work was certainly heavily influenced by health problems, which in time became worse preventing it from acting with the freedom and lucidity of thought that should always characterize the decisions of a man of power.

Despite the physical problems, however, Piero, as well as Cosimo his father before him and like Lorenzo after, He did not fail to worry about giving luster to his city to embellish it by calling the greatest artists of the time, among which Sandro Botticelli, the Verrocchio e Donatello, also helping to make Florence the undisputed birthplace of the Italian Renaissance (Photo gives: kleio.org).