29 June 1914: Khioniya Rasputin Guseva stabbed in the street

The close link which Rasputin with leading members of the Russian imperial family, made him hated by many, who resented that a bizarre, almost illiterate Siberian monaco had reached a position of such prestige and power.

The 29 June 1914, in the village Pokrovskoe, a woman with her face hidden by a veil came to starets, believing that a beggar, immediately he puts his hands in his pockets for a coin, but instead he found himself pierced the belly by a deep knife cutting.

The Rasputin screams, badly injured, They alarmed those present, which immediately stopped the woman.

Khioniya Guseva

Khioniya Guseva

Failure killer's name Khioniya Guseva and its most striking physical feature was the total absence of the nose, lost, he said, for adverse reaction to a medication at the age of 13 years, although the newspapers wrote that it was instead a consequence of syphilis, widespread disease at the time; young, Rasputin who considered a pervert, He claimed to have acted alone, but the investigators did not believe.

Who could be behind the attack?

Although the enemies of starets now they could not be counted, almost certainly, in tal caso, the Khionia hand was armed by the powerful monaco Iliodor, of which, needless to say, It was a fervent follower.

In fact, years later, now in exile after falling out of favor at the right, Iliadis, in an autobiographical book, He admitted its responsibilities.

Quanto a Khioniya e a Rasputin, the first was locked up in a mental hospital because they judged an unbalanced, while the extravagant mystical, after undergoing surgery at the hospital Tyumen, he recovered admirably (Photo gives: valentinagurarie.wordpress.com e alchetron.com).