Rasputin surrounded by women, his passion

There is no aspect of life Rasputin that is not controversial, but perhaps no one has as its sexuality, nowadays, a hundred years after the death, far from clear.

Certainly the Siberian monaco was somewhat exuberant from this point of view, but perhaps the most striking of all his close relationship with prostitution, singular in a man who could count on a group of women swooning for him, almost all belonging to the high society, available at any time of day or night.

Why then the continued, almost obsessive search of mercenary sex?

That, however, is a certainty, proven by long and detailed Police reports imperiale, that from 1912 He began to monitor his every movement.

It thus appears that Rasputin met prostitutes all the time and had relations with them everywhere, your home, in local hotels and even in public toilets, often more than once in the same day.

There also came the testimonies of some of these women, that tell of a particular conduct of the mystic, often he would just let her undress and look at them, or lie down on the bed fully clothed beside them, without touching.

This attitude, in a man who was believed to be even unable to keep their baser instincts, It is highly unusual and hard to imagine, unless you want to watch another most noticeable aspect of the complex personality of Rasputin, or its undisputed and deep, albeit bizarre, religious sense, that could have led him to “use” prostitutes to test himself and his ability to resist the temptation of the flesh.

Rasputin, in other words, he resorted to the ring for a mystical experience, an extravagance that, in a markedly eccentric and unusual as its, hardly surprising (Photo gives: roguesgalleryonline.com).