One of the first band of Fiorentina (1926-27).

It seems strange to imagine Fiorentina with a different mesh from that viola, yet when the glorious club He was born, in 1926, the official uniform shape and color had completely different set of.

The shirt was in fact half red and half white with a lily on the chest.

The reason is as follows: the company was formed by the merger between Club Sportivo Firenze (red shirts) and the Gym Gymnastics Libertas (white jerseys), whose colors were therefore united.

This lasted until the President Luigi Ridolfi there remained literally dazzled by purple that marked the split of’ Uijpest, Budapest team with which he played a game against Fiorentina.

The ruling found that color so beautiful to decide you want this for their team.

The year was 1928 and since then the team from Tuscany, for everyone and especially for its supporters, it became “Viola” (Photo gives: ).