A “cheesemaker” medieval (A healthy incision del Tacuinum)

The cheese is an ancient food, even prehistoric (, but the craft “cheesemaker”, understood as Seller of cheeses, He asserted itself only in the Middle Ages, with great success.

It was only then that the fact cheeses, after careful workmanship, They began to make a fine show on the market stalls and workshops, where they were purchased by patrons.

The incision shown in the attached, It comes from A healthy Tacuinum, shows a cheesemaker intent to speak with a customer; goods, as you can clearly see, It is well exposed on the shelves and on the bench, dove, to the left, It is located in scales, the scale that was used to weigh food before selling.

It was always in the Middle Ages that began to spread among the population on hard cheese as an alternative to fresh, which for centuries it had been the only known and consumed; Abbeys specialties, it became the most sought after and appreciated dairy product (Photo gives: