the Colosseum. The architect who devised it was lost

We know (quasi) everything on Colosseo, but because you never mentions the’architect who invented?

Easy: his name has been lost.

In fact remain unknown for us almost all the names of the authors of the most famous Roman monuments and the main reason is that, time, architects and perpetrators were not so important, because to really count was only the client.

There was Roman politician who does not wish to remain in History even for commissioned artwork and grandiose public works, but who then concretely realized passed definitively he takes second place.

Until a few decades ago, in the capital, He circulated a story according to which the architect of the Colosseum would have been a certain Gaudenzio, He died a Christian martyr just inside the building he designed, but it's just a legend, without any foundation.

To date, the most famous arena in the world author's identity remains unknown, we need to know who to want it was the Emperor Vespasian and that the inauguration took place under his successor Tito 80 d.C; from the name of their dynasty, that of yellow, He derived the name of Flavian Amphitheater (Photo gives: