fruit and vegetable market in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages market It was a bustling place of expenses and meetings and certainly one of the most dynamic aspects of society and daily life of the (

An idea of ​​how it should take place and the excitement that animated, succeed provides a famous fresco which is in Issogne Castle (Valle d'Aosta), which you can be seen in the attached, depicting a fruit and vegetable market.

Even at a first observation of the painting, jumps immediately to the eyes gaiety of the scene, where sellers and buyers chatting, it seems amiably, exchanging all likelihood opinions on the merchandise.

The latter is well kitted out banquets and wooden supports, on which they can clearly distinguish fruits like pears and grapes, while the vegetables are placed in large wicker baskets resting on the ground.

The clothes worn by the characters represented, more or less simple or glitzy, show that in middle market either welcomed people from all walks of life, from the highest to the most popular (Photo gives: