Ancient Painted porcelain chamber pot

For about two centuries, the sixteenth and seventeenth, to carry out the same profane but essential function of the current water, was the seggetta, a small portable wooden box with inside a jar.

In order to be more comfortable seat was padded, and to make it more elegant, to become, in some cases an object décor, The toilet seat was lined with a fabric that could be more or less luxury.

A Versailles, Although the palace does not shine for sure either for hygiene or cleaning (, in regard to the seggette he not spared no expense: at court they were available well 264, most of which are made with expensive materials and feature rich finishings.

A court also abounded chamber pots, which over time became increasingly designed and aesthetically groomed; there were examples silver and gold, enriched by draping, velvet cords, belts and inlays.

Obviously this concerned only the nobles, while the common people had to make do with chamber pots much more simple and common, whose contents were then thrown into the street without grumbling (Photo gives: