Ancestress of our boutiques: “the tailor's shop”, a fresco of the Issogne Castle (Valle d'Aosta)

Milano, Florence, Bologna, Genoa and Venice they became, in full Renaissance, the “Silk Roads” favorite of our country, city ​​literally teeming with large luxury stores in which sold precious materials, and mainly silks, to private citizens and merchants.

It was, At bottom, the ancestors of the current boutiques, shops aimed at wealthy people, who could afford to spend astronomical sums for a single dress.

In effect silk dresses, between the '400 and' 500, They could cost as much as a small farm, but it was also one of the jewels of our craftsmanship and an unparalleled source of revenue from the economic point of view, as well as the article the most prestigious of all Italian textile industry, exported some’ everywhere in large quantities (Photo gives: