A market of many centuries ago

During the Middle Ages the market It was a place of purchases, but also for meetings and socializing, as there used to meet people from all social strata.

Riches and Poors, men and women, young and old, all looking for bargains, They made the crowded and lively medieval market places full of humanity and joy of living.

At the market was selling and buying of all, from food to clothes, from animals to fabrics, from the tools skins Home, male workshops They were very different from today's shops: in principle they were made up of small and precarious structures in wood and fabric adjacent to each other along the city streets.

The masonry workshops They were very few and almost always on the ground floor of private homes; instead of doors there were simple curtains, while instead of the windows they were using the large Wooden doors that they were raised during the day at the time of the opening and then lowered again to the closure.

We can know a lot of markets and medieval shops thanks to the many frescoes era come down to us, a valuable and unique source of information, and historical information on the uses and customs of the past (Photo gives: