Giovanna D'Arco

Giovanna D'Arco, also called the “Pulzella Orleans” in the only portrait of her coeval I come down to us

Of Giovanna D'Arco, the courageous Pulzella Orleans condemned to the stake for heresy in 1431 (, we own one image to her coeval, “live”, which is the one shown in photo attached to this post (above).

It is not a true portrayal and right, but only a drawing, a sketch rather stylized, which, however, it gives us an idea, although brief, the physical aspect of the French saint, of which there is clearly a slender figure and extremely youthful.

This work extemporaneous of high historical and documentary value, It was performed in May 1429 a secretary of the Supreme Court of Paris immediately after the news of the liberation of Orleans and is now preserved in the National Archives in Paris (Photo gives: