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Portrait of Evariste Galois

The math is anything but a passion of mine, so I never cared nor the discipline itself nor to its most illustrious members, until the other day, leafing through an old issue of the magazine historical (69, November 2014), I have not unbeaten in Figure, for me totally unknown, of Evariste Galois.

This young mathematician was run over by a cruel fate and almost certainly, until its fulfillment, unthinkable.

The boy, brilliant and precocious, He was quoted in a broader article about duels, sad “fashion” of past centuries that he too was a victim.

Driven by curiosity I started to look for news about him and found out that it's a really interesting character, both from a cultural and scientific and human perspective.

Evariste Galois was born in France in 1811 and he distinguished himself immediately for insight and intelligence, especially in studies, so that only 19 years, He presented one of the most important theories of’abstract algebra, fact that bears his name (Galois Theory).

By now started towards a bright future and already considered by his contemporaries great promise of Mathematics, the Galois dreams shattered in front of a condition not uncommon at the time: to defend the honor of a woman with whom he was in love, the 31 May 1832, a 21 years, the young man faced a duel where his injuries led to his death the following day.

This at least the official version of events and motivation, since there were some who warmly supported the possibility of a political murder, accusing the secret police of the King.

To date, the untimely death of Evariste Galois remains in some ways a mystery, as well as its tomb.

In cemetery Bourg-la-Reine There is a cenotafio in his honour, but you do not know where it really lies the body of the young, buried in a mass grave of which (at the moment) It ignores the location.

To learn more: it.wikipedia.org, biografieonline.it e storie.it/numero/gli-ultimi/lultima-notte-di-galois/). (Photo gives: famous-mathematicians.com).