A beautiful night view of the Colosseum. The name comes from the devil really?

Why the Colosseo It is so named?

Originally the one that became the most famous monument of the world was simply the’Flavian Amphitheater, name he derived from Vespasian e Tito, the emperors of the dynasty yellow who had wanted the building, while the name of “Colosseo” It was not coined until much later, precisely in Middle Ages.

The derivation of the name seems to be clear and due to the fact that the building stood near a giant statue of Nero.

However there are also other theories about, including one according to which the Colosseum would formerly been a pagan temple dedicated to the Devil, particularities who later would determine the name.

According to the proponents of this interesting hypothesis, at the end of each ceremony Devil worship that regularly took place within its walls, the priest would ask each of followers “honors him?” that is “The worship?” (the devil) e da Coliseum it would then be passed to the Coliseum (Photo gives: