Titanic Torino

The Titanic on display in Turin

The Titanic “lands” a Torino.

Exactly: from 18 March 25 June 2017 the Savoy city will be home to a exhibition solely focused on the ill-fated ocean liner sank on the night of 14 and the 15 April 1912.

Titanic-The artifact Exhibition hosts, among other things, original pieces from that vessel, the faithful reconstruction and full-scale cabin of a first- and a third-class, period films and testimonies of that dramatic night collected by the heirs of some of the passengers survived the tragedy.

The exhibition was conceived and organized by the owner of the wreck now, still lying on the bottom of that same point of the Atlantic Ocean in which sank more than a hundred years ago.

For all information regarding the exhibition click here: mostratitanic.it (Photo gives: diarioditorino.it).