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A medieval kitchen

View of the imminence Easter, we will be celebrating in a few weeks, the medieval recipe following falls brush.

I is (and reported verbatim) from the site, where in addition to this recipe for Easter Cake you can find (and experiment) many others.



Easter Cake

Easter Cake

INGREDIENTS per 4 people
250 g of bread dough
100 gram flour
100 g soft pecorino cheese
50 g of grated cheese
4 eggs

Whisk in a bowl eggs, mixing them with grated pecorino and with that tender diced.

Let the mixture stand for about half an hour.

Place on a pastry bread dough, incorporatevi the farina and a pinch of sale; knead 5 minutes, then pour a few tablespoons in the center of the compound of beaten eggs and cheese.

Work with the tip of the fingers so that the mixture to be absorbed before adding dall'impasto, always in small doses, the rest.

They work well together as long as will become soft and smooth, then arrange it in a large mixing bowl, cover with a towel and let rise in a warm place for a few hours.

Grease a baking sheet butter, pour the pasta, cover it again with a towel and let rise, always warm, for another hour.

Serve the cake warm (recipe from the website: (Photo gives: e