psychotropic drug

The depression It is a mental disorder that has accompanied man since the dawn of time, but for centuries, partly because of lack of knowledge about, He was treated with methods debatable.

Until the middle of last century was not at all uncommon for depressed individuals, exchanged for “crazy people”, They end up in mental hospital.

But just in the 50s of the '900 It occurred, Finally, a place destined to change forever, for the better, the history of psychiatry and the approach to the so-called diseases “mental”: the formulation of appropriate medicines, ready to replace “cages” unnecessary and cruel they were at the time the asylums.

Molecules increasingly specific and selective were in turn developed to fight and cure depression, until it reaches the 1987 a fluoxetine, active ingredient of the famous (and sometimes abused) Prozac (Photo gives: altrapsicologia.it).