Adolf Hitler ed Eva Braun

The latest dramatic and convulsive hours of life Adolf Hitler and its historical lover Eva Braun They have been rebuilt thanks to testimonies of survivors, that is, those few who managed to emerge unscathed from bunker in which for months they had voluntarily locked up.

In this underground structure, located under the Reich Chancellery, the Leader and the others were already in mid-January 1945, but since then many fled, and in late April, of the initial guests, there were only thirty people, or cooks, secretaries, nurse, Martin Bormann, Secretary of Hitler, and the ubiquitous Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, with his large family.

Noting that all was now lost, under the leaden sky of Berlin under siege, the Leader, before killing (He never would have made taken alive by the enemy), decided to marry Eva Braun.

It was the 29 April and climate, during the unique ceremony, It was not sure what typically festive marriages.

The sofa in the bunker where Hitler and Eva Braun killed themselves

The day after, 30 April, l’ex Nazi leader appointed his personal assistant, Otto Günsche, going to buy 200 liters of gasoline that would serve, shortly thereafter, to burn his body and that of his wife.

After a final farewell to those present, the newly married couple were closed in the study, He swallowed a capsule of cyanide, He killed Eva, and then shot himself in the head.

When others entered the room they found the lifeless couple on the couch and at that point they could not do anything but drag them into the garden, where the bodies were burned and buried.

Despite the many theories and doubts arose about the end of Hitler, this remains, nowadays, the most accepted version and accepted (Photo gives: e