Renaissance Banquet. That followed the Bentivoglio-d'Este wedding was memorable

Thanks to the testimony left to us by the writer Sabadino degli arienti, we know how it went that went down in history as the the lavish wedding of our Renaissance.

The marriage in question are those that took place in the cool of the day 29 January 1487 between Hannibal Bentivoglio e Lucrezia d'Este, political union which was intended to strengthen relations between the two families, as often it happened at that time.

The buffet that followed the ceremony was memorable.

In about seven hours not only they were offered to the guests well 22 course, but everything went as part of a scene that was to leave guests in awe.

From castles made of sugar came piglets, rabbits and birds to be captured, while bread covered with a layer of gold, as well as the piglets, He meant that such a marriage were defined as “gold” ever.

A pacchianata bottom, but then he caused wonder and amazement (Photo gives: