Maria Antonietta defends himself during his trial

The process that’ex Queen of France Maria Antonietta suffered in 1793 fu farce, like most of those held during the French Revolution, all, from the beginning, outcome for granted, namely the death sentence of the accused.

During the hearings the woman is defended by specious accusations with the grit, the vehemence and pride that had their, but she remained for a moment appalled when she was charged the greater guilt and shameful: l’incest.

But what had happened?

For weeks, Marie Antoinette had been forcibly removed from son Luigi Carlo, of years 8, entrusted to not really the loving care of the shoemaker Antoine Simon and his wife, instructed to “to educate” the child according to the dictates revolutionaries; so it was that the royal scion learned the Marseillaise, to curse and to swear, but it was not enough.

Approaching the time to bring to justice the wife of Louis XVI and aware of the inconsistency of the evidence to prove the guilt, revolutionaries attempted a card as much surprise as abject: forcing the small to accuse the mother of incestuous practices.

Luigi Carlo, forced to drink wine and certainly driven by unkind methods, eventually he signed, without fully realizing the seriousness of his act, The incriminating document.

When the content of the same was read in court, dismayed, Marie Antoinette at first stood motionless and mute, Then he jumped up and uttered, to his defense, the most famous words of the entire process:

“If I did not answer, it is because Nature itself refuses to respond to a similar accusation against a mother. I appeal to all mothers who are!”.

An instinctive and sincere phrase that touched even the common people gathered to see the “show” Uninterrupted a ex sovereign conduct of the defendants in the dock, but he did not change the fate, already written, Marie Antoinette (Photo gives: