A hall of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin It is the second historical and documentary world after the one in Cairo.

The origin of the collection dates back to the '700 and today it is merely the result of private collections and archaeological finds and congiuntisi stratified during these past centuries to create a collection of finds from the exceptional value.

The Egyptian Museum is the capital of Piedmont, as it is evident, a pole of interest and tourist attraction of enormous scope (quasi 900.000 visitors only 2016) which it is why the unexplained (and wicked) decision Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism to move elsewhere in the same collection, It has rightly raised the indignation and understandable opposition of many of Turin, specially in the ESTABLISHED Egyptian Museum Heritage Committee Inalienable, to defend the maintenance of the museum in its original location and natural.

The intention is to move Catania according to the thirty-year loan deal, but in fact definitive, a part of the artifacts currently stored in Turin, with the ridiculous excuse that the Savoy city and across the Piedmont, would lack exhibition spaces suitable to host the findings (despite the large number of existing public buildings and unused!).

You do not even need to pause over the absurdity of this initiative, that would ultimately stripped arbitrarily a city of a fundamental part of its cultural heritage, to move it’ the other in which the same would be totally out of context and therefore meaningless.

I find it disgraceful and unacceptable any proposal to deprive a place for a large part of its historical identity and artistic and that's why I gladly welcome the appeal of Egyptian Museum Heritage Committee Inalienable, of which the groom totally intent, to spread as much as possible their just claims and unexceptionable.

The Egyptian Museum in Turin belongs and must remain in Turin.

If you want learn more I point out the following link: museoegizio.it, musement.com/it, it.wikipedia.org e quotidianopiemontese.it.

To contact the Committee: egizioinalienabile.blogspot.it e egizio.torino@yahoo.com (Photo gives: fascinointellettuali.larionews.com).