Portrait of Pauline Nesle

In the vast array of lovers in revenue thanks and royal thalamus Luigi XV They can also be counted three sisters, who all became his favorite, in certain situations even simultaneously.

I'm talking about “notorious” Nesle sisters, which for many years, thanks to certain virtues hidden but abundantly bestowed, They managed to keep him tied to the French king, always too sensitive to the charm and feminine wiles.

One of the young women, however,, he died suddenly, giving rise to justifiable doubt about the causes of his untimely death.

Pauline Felicity Mailly-Nesle was the second of four sisters, perhaps the least beautiful and graceful because of excessive stature (seems, Furthermore, that she does not see all the personal hygiene, with imaginable results), but it was nice, Intelligent and lively, as well as to win over the king.

Never mind that Louis XV, at the time when it was presented, He had long since her sister's lover Louise and that precisely the latter, in 1738, He had convinced her to move to court; He was born in a short household at three that shocked even the most libertine and frivolous palace in Europe, because one thing was a womanizer monarch, another if he meant shamelessly with two sisters (which then would become three!)!

At one point put to rest rumors and malice it became indispensable, and so it was decided to find a husband Pauline complacent, a consort of pure façade short, just be formally in place.

Only the girl she became pregnant It is in the 1741 She gave birth to one of the many illegitimate children of the fickle Louis XV.

Unfortunately, the young man did not have time to enjoy the joys of motherhood: in a few days, in the grip of atrocious and unexplained pain, she died.

The causes of the disappearance of Pauline were never proven; probably it was an infection, quite rare at the time, but in many adombrarono, not so covertly, the possibility that the woman had been poisoned.

His contemporaries tell of a king genuinely distraught and in tears after her lover's disappearance, but also of a Louise immediately ready to comfort: could ever, a sister, come to kill each other to not be forced to share with her man (powerful) and privileges?

Almost certainly we'll never know (Photo gives: souvenirsdutemps.vraiforum.com).