Louis XV and Madame Du Barry, his latest favorite, portraits in a nineteenth-century painting by Gyula Benczúr

I French kings, except for the decent and honest Louis XVI, They have always been distinguished for a libertine behavior such as brash, ma Luigi XV, who then it was the grandfather of the unfortunate sovereign guillotined during the Terror, It was really unbeatable in this art.

Count the number of entries lovers in the bed of the king is impossible, but many of them are known names and some biographical traits, beginning with the two “favorite” most celebrated, Madame de Pompadour e Madame du Barry.

The nineteenth-century painting that you see reported in photo, work of Benczúr, He portrays Louis XV in their own company Marie-Jeanne Becu, Countess Du Barry, he held for the last coveted role of “lover in office” the re, in practice until the latter's death, which occurred in May 1774.

Bella, shameless, intriguing and ready to do anything to carve out a place in high society, la Du Barry, of humble origins and daughter of an unknown father, he used the weapon of seduction to get into the most powerful man because of France and become the favorite, succeeding, seems, instantly.

Having been for years a high board whore, we can imagine how he was able to keep him tied up for years the august mistress, which indeed never made mystery, even publicly, the thing she attracted so much…

However this woman, once powerful and cunning, He was expected to be a tragic fate and mocking: while he is living for decades away from the court and despite not having policies faults so that they can charge, It will be condemned to the guillotine during the Revolution and executed on December 8 1793 (Photo gives: commons.wikimedia.org).