Julia Bust, daughter of Titus, and nephew of Domitian lover

The incestuous relationships nell’Ancient Rome were anything but rare, but the one involving Domiziano, Emperor from 81 to 96 d.C. and her granddaughter Giulia, brother's daughter Tito, He was so gruesome aspects to upset even the public opinion of the time, although accustomed to all sorts of meanness on the powers that be.

Domitian and Julia were, as mentioned above, uncle and nephew, which would have been enough to arouse the murmur and the legitimate blame people, but the situation could find some sort of normality and acceptability if at least the man had married the girl, which promised at the beginning, but then he was careful to keep.

Domitian is remembered for an infinite series of atrocities, but the behavior that was held with the granddaughter was nothing short of awful, and the consequences were tragic.

Having noted the lack of seriousness on the part of the narrow and treacherous kin, Julia tried to forget the sad experience and to rebuild their lives by marrying Tito Flavio Sabino, but once again he found himself forced to deal with the treachery of his uncle, which also he continued to maintain strong influence on her that that would be fatal: remained widow soon, Giulia was again seduced by the Emperor, only this time she became pregnant.

What better time to regularize a bond much talked and controversial, especially as Domitian had not yet inheritors?

But even this time the hated Emperor was able to be a man: forced to abort, Julia died soon after for the consequences of rudimentary speech (Photo gives: ilgiornaledellarte.com).