The cover of the comic book dedicated to Anne Frank (Mondadori)

The small one Anne Frank, over the past decades, It has become, unwillingly, the very symbol of an era and the horrors of Nazism.

Now the tragic history of this unfortunate girl and her family, relives the pages of comic book “Anne Frank-The comic book biography” edited by Mondadori.

It is targeted at all but, in particular, to children and young people, so that, by reading the events that concerned those years, they may know in a simple and lightweight what was the most troubled period of the '900.

The work, with a foreword by Sergio Luzzatto, traces the key stages of the history of the Frank family, the marriage of Anne's parents, the persecution until the dramatic end to the death camps.

The text consists of 160 color pages and is for sale only 12,99 euro (Photo gives: