Klara Pozl, madre in Adolf Hitler

the childhood of Adolf Hitler very little is known, but it is certainly very strong bond that the future Leader He established from an early age with his mother, Klara Polzl.

Unlike his father Alois indeed, severe, womanizer and frequent taverns, Klara took care of children full time, Adolf is that of his sister Paula, with which he showed at times suffocating, probably to make up for deficiencies by an affective derivatele not really happy marital relationship.

When the woman died, just 47 years for a breast cancer, Adolf was annihilated by grief, one shock that he was never able to develop completely, so much so that years later, in his studio, on the wall behind the desk, you could still see, alone and unchallenged, a large portrait of the mother.

To take care of Mrs. Klara Hitler during his illness was the family doctor, the jew Eduard Bloch.

Although it subjected to a surgical intervention, the woman's condition worsened causing her suffering that required daily medication administration, which he provvedeva the same Bloch.

When Klara's death, occurred on 21 December 1907, Adolf had 18 years and the pain of loss, as mentioned above, It was devastating for him.

Following the Leader always showed affection and gratitude towards the old doctor, but some historians even went to believe that instead, perhaps unconsciously, She held him responsible for the untimely demise of mother, which would lead him to mature a fierce anti-Semitism which we all know the consequences.

The subject is open and debated and something interesting will find it at this link: https://raimondorizzo.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/eduard-bloch-il-medico-ebreo-della-famiglia-hitler/ (Photo gives: en.wikipedia.org).