A typical ice cream cone

The invention of the ice cream as we know it today, The edible pods, It dates back to the end of '800' 900.

In fact thanks to the poet Giuseppe Parini, citing “rigid cones“, we know that already in the '700 it was customary to eat ice cream cones held in, but these were glass containers equipped with a teaspoon.

In 1895 the Italian street Italo Marchionny He began selling ice cream in New York, but soon he realized that glass bowls, which then had to be washed, They were not the most comfortable to enjoy ice cream walking in the street.

It was so brilliant idea that would prove: cones to eat, Waffle facts, shortbread biscuits.

This “Walking cone” feedback from an instant success, so that in 1903 its creator decided to patent a special machine to produce them (Photo gives: ilcalderonedimarinella.blogspot.it).