Galeazzo Ciano in his studio

Seventy years ago, in the chilly morning of’11 January 1944, Galeazzo Ciano, son in law Benito Mussolini as his daughter's husband Edda, married in 1930, it was executed in Verona with Emilio De Bono, Luciano Gottardi, Giovanni Marinelli e Carlo Pareschi, all guilty of having discouraged the Duce in the famous Grand Council meeting held on 25 July 1943.

A controversial figure, and indeed not without its dark side, Ciano was Mussolini Delfino, Foreign Minister and undoubtedly the undisputed number two in the regime, but eventually he paid for his open opposition to the alliance with Germany.

So much has been said and written about this sad page of our recent history and much more, almost certainly, you will have to say and write (and discover), but it would seem that desire the death of the young man was particularly Adolf Hitler and not Mussolini, however unable to save his life.

Before taking leave of this world, Ciano turned to Monsignor Puppy his last words: “Make it known to My children I die without rancor to anyone. We are all swept up in the same storm“.

The tragic execution scene was entirely filmed by a German operator and is now easily traceable and visible online but, because of its crudeness, I have not considered it appropriate to insert it in post (Photo gives: