Fersen in the cartoon Lady Oscar

What did the “bel heels”, wich was (perhaps) the lover of Maria Antonietta?

People like me who as a child did not miss an episode of Lady Oscar, It tends to identify with the beautiful animated cardboard boy and finds it difficult to imagine different from it (you see it in photo upstairs).

The real face of the beautiful Swedish nobleman instead (that of photo beneath), some time ago I wrote an article for notizie.it, which I will then propose again.






The Swedish Count Axel von Fersen the Younger age of about 28 years

The handsome young face and delicate features that you can look in photo, is that of Axel von Fersen, belonging to an aristocratic Swedish family, famous for being (perhaps) the lover of Maria Antonietta, Queen of France.

the numerous ex girls fans Japanese cartoon Lady Oscar take it for granted, but is not so; if indeed, on the one hand, many clues lead one to believe that between the two there has been a great love story (avoidance of doubt, if so, not this would be an affair but a real and deep feelings), in reality, evidence of the report there are none (back on the subject with specific post).

Surely a profound link between the sovereign unfortunate and the scion of Northern Europe is really it established and lasted a lifetime; the outbreak of Revolution, when all the former friends, who had also received the generous Marie Antoinette favors and gifts, They abandoned it to its fate, heels, all the way from Sweden, He rushed to his rescue, jeopardizing their own life (Article adapted from: news,it (Photo gives: it.pinterest.com e laparigidimariaantonietta.blogspot.it).