Sumptuous banquet late Renaissance. This recipe for rice pudding with almonds is the '400

Another recipe directly it is taken from a text by the great Renaissance chef Maestro Martino of Como.

This rice pudding with almonds especially at the time it was consumed on fast days, for example during Lent, and when he was convalescing.

In 1400 rice in northern Italy was still quite a cereal “new”, because just arrived after being imported by the Arabs.

Here is the recipe, who reported verbatim.

Get almonds, rice, sugar e, if you can, goat milk and proceed as directed by Martino:

To make dece menestre, take off a pound of loving them et Mondale good that they are white. And take away a half of rice pounds, doi et wash it three times with tepid water, et Put it to want fire with clear water well et foul cocere: Since banish fore and Put it in sciucchare. Dapoi track very well firms loving them spraying et sbroffandole above often with a water pocha frescha, That they might not make oil; et distemperale with water frescha et pass them to the stamegnia et mitti this lacte to boil in a pot adding to this meza pound zucharo up. Et como begins to boil inside the mittivi et rice ask the pot above the Brascia longi often want fire from turning with Cocchiaro not raise it in order that fume, et foul boil for spatio hora de meza. Similimente prune cocere ditto the rice with lacte goat or other lacte. To prepare ten soups, Take a pound of almonds and sbucciale so that they are white. Take half a pound of rice and rinse it two or three times in warm water, then put it to cook in clear water until it is well cooked. Then take it out and put it to dry. Pesta very well the above-mentioned spraying almonds and spraying several times with fresh water for failing to produce their oil stemperale and then with cold water and then filter in a strainer. Then put to boil the almond milk in a saucepan adding half a pound of sugar and, when it begins to simmer, pour the rice and place the pot away from the fire, stirring often with a wooden spoon so do not take smoke flavor and let it boil for half an hour. Using the same technique you can also cook the rice with goat milk or other milk (photo: