A table prepared in the '400. In this post you will find a recipe for eggnog as indicated by Maestro Martino of Como

How about trying for Christmas holidays imminent one eggnog fifteenth?

The recipe You find the following, It is verbatim from a manuscript of Maestro Martino of Como, one of the greatest Italian chefs Renaissance.

Get Egg yolks, sugar, cinnamon, sweet wine and proceed as directed by the historian chef:

“To bono zambaglione to make a taza, take four eggs that the rossame, e […] zucharo and ivory in sufficienzia and wine bono amabille, and sel Fusse too smoky put them one bit of water or broth then lean de fale cocere he loved it if coce brodeto et always menace with cugiaro et when you smear [ponilo and Taza]. For a portion of good eggnog take four eggs, only the yolks, e […] sugar and cinnamon in abundance, the sweet wine. If you were to take the smell of smoke add a little’ water or low-fat broth. Kitchen, as for the broth, stirring constantly with the spoon and when it adheres [laid to serve it in a cup]”.

Enjoy your meal and Merry Christmas to all! (Photo gives: asolando.it).