Una bella immagine d’epoca che ritrae bambini felici davanti all’albero natalizio

A plaque affixed to Riga, beautiful and ancient capital of Latvia, remember that here was the first festooned Christmas tree of history

Era il lontano 1510.

The tradition tree then, spread in Northern Europe in the '500 and was certainly very much felt in countries such as Germany and England.

who, nel periodo delle festività, divenne sempre più popolare l’abitudine di decorare un albero qualsiasi, not necessarily a fir, with fruit and flowers.

In Italy e, in general, in Southern, the Christmas tree began to take hold only in 800, after Congress of Vienna (1815), thanks to British soldiers scattered here and there in the Old Continent.

See also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/10008/medioevo/salsa-delicata-ricetta-natalizia-medievale (Photo gives: it.123rf.com).