Vincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini

The untimely death of the famous Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini, occurred on 23 September 1835, It was reckoned to an intestinal infection unspecified, but immediately they began to meander, more or less covertly, rumors of his possible poisoning.

But who could have wished the young musician's death?

And why?

Jealousy artistic or loving?

In fact at the time Bellini was at the peak of his career, acclaimed by critics and audiences, the representation of each of his works can be resolved in a triumph, but this may have been the cause of such a strong resentment to want death?

The fact is that just over 1835, just 33 years, the artist began to accuse one strange and indefinable intestinal illness who convinced him to take a break from its commitments and to enjoy a rest in the hope of restoring good health condition.

He then moved to France, near Paris, a friend's house Samuel Lewis, where shortly after, however,, following a strong convulsions, the man died.

At the time of death was present only the gardener, so that was the only witness to the event, because Lewis spouses were out.

People began to murmur, not too softly, Bellini had been poisoned by his, jealous of the relationship that some said had been established between his wife and the young Sicilian talent (Photo gives: