Dustin Hoffman nella nuova serie tv "I Medici: the lords of Florence"

Dustin Hoffman in the new TV series “The doctors: the lords of Florence”

A few more days and finally, from next 17 on October Raiuno, the first of the eight planned episodes will be broadcast in the blockbuster The doctors: the lords of Florence, focused on the epic of the Florentine family more than any other has influenced the history and destiny of this marvelous city.

The fiction start from the beginning, or since, full '400, the founder Giovanni, thanks to an agreement concluded before a long time with the Papacy, the bank manages to turn his property into an economic and financial power unrivaled.

It takes so start the unstoppable rise of the Medici, which will inevitably bring with it envy and violence, enemies, among which, agguerritissimi, the Albizzi before and the Crazy people then, marriages of interest and hot passions, highly critical political moments alternating with long periods of peace and prosperity and, mostly, the birth of the Renaissance Florence, cradle of an incomparable culture taken full model from Europe, which with its unique architectural and artistic beauty we can still admire.

A unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the sumptuous atmosphere of five hundred years ago, the same in which Florence increased greatly its prestige to become the fulcrum and the symbol of an entire era.

The doctors: the lords of Florence, a production Lux Vide S.p.A, It relies on the direction of Sergio Mimica Gezzan and a cast international high level, starting dall'inossidabile Dustin Hoffman in the role of John, a Richard Madden, Stuart Martin, Annabel Svholey, Lex Shrapnel up Italians Guido Caprino e Miriam Leone.

What to say?

Expect to see the drama, that has all the credentials to be one of the best productions of the 2016.

in the meantime, if you want, below you will find the frame series, complete with a presentation and information (gives youtube.com)(Photo gives: velvetcinema.it).