The Irish writer James Joyce

The Irish writer James Joyce

The Irish James Joyce (1882-1941) It is one of the largest writers Europeans lived at the turn of '800 and' 900.

He is the author, among others, the famous novel Ulisse and storytelling Dubliners, an intellectual and undeniably talented artist, but certainly not a man of health “of iron”.

On a medical record referring to the illustrious patient, In fact, we learn that he was suffering from diabetes, colitis, gastritis, delirium tremens, alveolar pyorrhea e rheumatic fever, disease probably caused or worsened by at least a lifestyle not too healthy and balanced, marked by excesses at the table and a lot of cigarettes smoked per day.

As if that were not enough, to aggravate the already precarious health of Joyce, were added subsequently a conjunctivitis and a glaucoma for which man was subjected to well 12 surgeries, among which, in 1923, l’total removal teeth, considered responsible for the infection in the eyes.

in conclusion, no doubt about it: as well as an excellent writer, Joyce fu, certainly against his will, also a regular visitor to hospitals (Photo gives: