The ring Giovanna d'Arco recently sold in London

The ring Giovanna d'Arco recently sold in London

A few months ago, a London, a silver ring It was sold to 400.000 euro.

Its uniqueness?

Having adorned the finger of Pulzella d’Orleans, or Giovanna D'Arco, French heroine and saint condemned to death for heresy and burned at the stake in Rouen on 30 May 1431 (

It would be the same young man to describe the jewel in the process: a simple record gilded silver, with engraved above three crosses and the words Jhesus Maria”.

As for why the jewelry was in Great Britain, It is obvious: after the execution of the Maid, his ring had been taken into custody by the English cardinal Henry Beaufort, member of the ecclesiastical tribunal which had decreed the condemnation of woman.

A bargain for the buyer?

It certainly as regards the supposed historical value of the object in question, but more than one scholar calls into question: according to this current of thought in fact, the ring Giovanna d'Arco would be nothing more than a legend.

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