Text of the tax on celibacy (1927)

Text of the tax on celibacy (1927)

The tax on celibacy was certainly one of the most singular of’fascist era.

In fact, it ended up making life harder for the hardened bachelors’Italy 30s, especially for those who had younger people between 25 ed i 65 years.

In order to increase the weddings and births fact, Benito Mussolini introduced the aforementioned tax, which consisted of a sum of money to be paid to the State by all single males belonging to that age group.

To be precise, who had the 25 to 35 years had to pay 70 lire a year (more or less 55 euro today) then, as it age increased the rate down, until you get to “sole” 50 read, while from 66 and older had (Finally!) exempted.

In the intentions of the Duce, the tax on celibacy should have led to an increase in the population and the army, but the results were far from exceptional (Photo gives: binrome.com).