Palace of Versailles: view of gardens

Palace of Versailles: view of gardens

The Palace of Versailles, as known, It was commissioned and built by Luigi XIV so that it was visible and tangible evidence of their power absolute.

Usually guests, With few exceptions ( They remained impressed, if not outright stunned, by the magnificence of the royal palace.

Not always, however, what happened, as shown by 'story which follows the story.

The year was 1715 when the re Sole, received ambassador of Persia, He decided to make illustrious guest around the beautiful park at the edge of his carriage, stopping occasionally to get his attention on those points which he considered particularly characteristic and noteworthy.

Arrestatisi in front of’aranceto, pride of the sovereign, to admire him better, He exclaimed the stranger:

"What a strange taste has this king! He built an immense palace ruining the prospect of such a bell'aranceto!” (Photo gives: