A reconstruction of St Peter's face

A reconstruction of St Peter's face

What we know Pietro, the fisherman who was the first apostle of Jesus and who later he became one of the most important and beloved saints in Church history?

Who really was this man who left everything to follow his Maestro contributing at the beginning of a new era?

The biographical information, in reality, are not many, but there is some certainty about him.

Pietro He was born at the dawn of the Christian era in the small village of Betseda, near the Sea of ​​Galilee.

His real name was Simone, Jesus was to change it after finding he possessed a character "Rough as a rock".

I Gospels tell us that to live was a fisherman, He led a simple life and lived with his wife, mother-in-law and sons, until he decided that his mission was to become a follower of Jesus , which he bound him a deep feeling of friendship and an endless admiration, although he showed at times argumentative and surly because of the difficult and sometimes brusque character.

After the crucifixion and death of Jesus, Peter began his real "career" religious baptizing, and accompanied the conversion of many men, activity for which he suffered repeatedly is stopping and that convinced him to finally leave Jerusalem.

In 42 d.C. Peter came to Roma, certainly where he remained until his death, It occurred during the persecution of Christians ordered by the Emperor Nerone, who had hypocritically placed against them the fault of serious fire that in 64 d.C. He had almost destroyed the city.

The sources tell us that Peter was crucifix with his head for his expressed will: He said he did not feel worthy to die as his Lord.

Thanks to the studies and the excavations of archaeologists has been possible to find the house where Saint Peter lived, while there is no certainty about the tomb, found in the depths of Vatican Palace according to Pope Pio XII, He had authorized the searches in 1939: many elements suggest that the sarcophagus is really that of the Saint and Martyr, but lacking the certain and irrefutable proof, this remains, at the moment, only alleged (Photo gives: papaboys.org).