Luigi XIV, the Sun King

Luigi XIV, the Sun King

Not always privacy in the most intimate moments it was considered crucial, rather.

At the time of Luigi XIV, the Re Sole, She is admitted to his presence while he was to perform their bodily needs, It was indeed an honor.

For charity, not that it was a common and plebeian water modern, but we doubt that the royal “seggetta”, a cabinet covered with precious velvet, together with a document tiled tub and a handy little table to read and write, regalasse to human and natural operation a allure much higher than that which actually has.

Anyway, though it may seem strange, comfortably seated on “seggetta”, the king of France used to receive delegations of nobles, ministers and servants.

And the sense of decency that was at that time, that even the announcement of their wedding was given by the king from his comfortable “chair with a hole” (Photo gives: